4 Popular Rhinoplasty Procedures Surgeons Choose Today for Improving the Look of Your Nose

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of a person’s nose or to rectify breathing issues that an individual might face. Over the passage of time, doctors have devised a number of different procedures for rhinoplasty to meet the expectations and needs of their patients.

What are the four different rhinoplasty procedures doctor choose for their patients today?

The following are the different rhinoplasty procedures popular in the medical industry today:

  1. Closed rhinoplasty- Here, the incision is made inside the nostril rim under general or local anesthesia. This procedure is resorted to by surgeons to correct issues with breathing. The bone and the cartilage of the nose are reshaped. The size of the nose is reduced, and if the size of the nose needs to be increased, doctors insert grafts taken from the cartilage of the patient’s nose, bones, rib, or ears. Again, some doctors might use grafts from a tissue bank or Silastic implants. The positive point of closed rhinoplasty is there are no visible signs of scarring.
  2. Open rhinoplasty- Here the incision is made on the Columella of the nose. This area is located between your nostrils. The surgeon lifts the skin off from the nose tip and shapes the bone and cartilage precisely. The incision takes time to heal, and you will have a very small scare that is almost invisible on your nose. Note that individuals that have a dark complexion or olive-colored skin are often more prone to get scars over fair-skinned patients.
  3. Natural rhinoplasty- This procedure is challenging for the doctor as the results need4 to be natural looking. The shape of the nose should look good and not overdone with disproportion. Most of the natural structure of the nose is removed, and with time, the tissues inside heal. Doctors make their best effort to retain the natural structure of the nose they can keep during the surgery. However, there are cases where this procedure has gone wrong, and the tip of the nose looks too small or slightly overturned.
  4. Non-surgical rhinoplasty- Here, the procedure entails the injection of special substances like Botox to cover the bumps on a person’s nose. The goal of the substance is to ensure people get a smoother nose. The nose will not look big as the substance provides it with a smooth silhouette. This procedure is generally resorted to when the first procedure for rhinoplasty did not give the patient the desired results.

Therefore, with the help of these four rhinoplasty procedures, both men and women can get a better-looking nose and improve any kind of breathing issue. However, experts in rhinoplasty recommend people interested in the procedure to consult skilled and experienced surgeons before getting it done. One should be aware of the risks and benefits of the procedure. Its costs are a factor that will help you decide on the right doctor and clinic where you effectively can get the rhinoplasty procedure done safely without risks at all!

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