5 Myths About Gluten You Need To Stop Believing In

5 Myths About Gluten You Need To Stop Believing In

Simple were the times when you didn’t have to think if a particular bread was good for you or not. You only had to choose between white bread or bran bread. Now as time is passing, it is getting way more difficult for people to make choices, the main reason being the spread of different diseases and intolerances. A number of myths have been spread and these are pulling the consumer away from gluten-containing foods that are even good for them.

Before you decide whether to go gluten-free or not it is important to understand what gluten actually is. The best dietician of Doctors Hospital in Lahore says that gluten is a natural protein that is found in products made of wheat and grain. The main function of gluten is to bind the food together and make it supple. 

Let’s have a look at the myths and misconceptions that have been spread among people that mostly are wrong. 

Myth 1: Going gluten-free can be beneficial for everyone

To assume that avoiding gluten is healthy and worthwhile for everyone is to think like avoiding corn can benefit everyone from avoiding it. If someone is allergic to a specific food, it doesn’t mean that you are allergic too. Food intolerances are real and can occur to anyone, but this doesn’t imply that everyone should start avoiding such foods. 

For a normal person, gluten is not harmful at all. It only affects those whose bodies cannot tolerate this protein. 

Myth 2: Avoiding gluten will treat your gut completely

There are a lot of stomach issues being caused to people these days. And it is quite difficult for the doctors and even the patient to think what the real reason behind it. As gluten is seen to be high in cholesterol level, it is assumed by people that it affects digestion badly.  

A lot of sugar-containing foods have gluten in them, so people start avoiding sugary foods too just by looking at other people who are intolerant. There is a huge number of candies that don’t contain sugar, also it is quite silly to blame just a protein or compound for the imbalance that happens to your gut or stomach.  

Myth 3: Gluten ends up causing you cancer

There is a great number of food options that can cause cancer also there are some proteins and nutrients that could be extremely carcinogenic. Gluten s  not one of those. However, people who are suffering from celiac disease are at a high risk of getting cancer.

 This can happen because if your body doesn’t allow a particular food to digest and is allergic, you keep on feeding it with that specific food item. We all know it’s not going to end well. People who aren’t allergic to gluten consumption should keep on taking it, as it acts as a hurdle in the way of causing cancer with an increase in age. 

Myth 4: Gluten allergy is increasing in people 

This myth is completely false as gluten allergy is not something found in every other individual nor it gets transferred from the parent to a kid. This myth is prevailing because a lot of people self-diagnose themselves and think they have got allergies. When in reality, the main reason is the internet search that they do, and this way they over-diagnose their disease.   

There are many other food allergies that happen to people, so confusing them for celiac disease or gluten allergy is foolish. 

Myth 5: Celiac disease is very mild

Celiac disease is very very serious. Even for some people, this can turn out to be deadly. It is an immune disease that occurs as a result of an immune response. This response comes from the small intestines when it is in contact with gluten and causes damage. 

It should always be taken seriously when you repeatedly feel stomach aches or indigestion, as undiagnosed celiac disease can cause death. 


Gluten allergy is a real thing and should never be taken mildly. The best treatment is to opt for gluten-free food options. But before choosing the treatment method, do consult with your doctor and do the right research. Hope the above mentions misconceptions cleared your confusion.

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