Dealing with Breast Cancer

Dealing with Breast Cancer

No one wants to hear about breast cancer, but if it happens to you, you should know that there are surgeries and treatments that will help you remove this disease, while some cosmetic procedures can make your breasts beautiful after the cancer is removed.

Cancer removal

Depending on the stage of cancer, there are different possible procedures. After some tests and evaluation of your issue and general health, the breast cancer surgeon Sydney can suggest the option which will be the best for you.

Staging procedure

During this surgery, the doctor will find out the size of cancer and where it has spread. It is possible that the doctor will remove also some lymph nodes to see if cancer has spread. The results of this surgery will determinate the treatment options.

In the early stages of breast cancer, only affected tissue will be removed

Curative or primary surgery

This surgery will remove the tumor and some nearby tissue, and for some women, this may be the only treatment. To remove the tumor, the surgeon will make incisions through many layers of the tissue, sometimes even bone. There are also less invasive procedures that can speed the recovery.


When the surgeon cannot remove the entire tumor,  that is when this procedure is the option. Debulking will remove as much of the tumor as possible, and with other treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy can be used for treating cancer.


Mastectomy is a removal of the whole breast and the surrounding tissue. Depending on how much additional tissue is removed, there are different types of mastectomy. While during this procedure one breast is removed, there is also double mastectomy where both breasts are removed.


When the cancer is removed, a woman can choose to undergo a breast procedure that will restore the body’s appearance. You will get a new breast shape by implants or tissue from some part of your body. This is done with reconstructive or plastic surgery. You can choose to do this procedure during the cancer removal procedure, or after it.

Breast lift procedure has great results

Combining this procedure with breast lift surgery will give even better results. You can check for more information. This will give your breast more younger-looking breasts.

Breast awareness

Awareness about issues with your breasts is very important, so the illness can be discovered on time. Get to know your body and your breasts. In some times of your life, your breasts may look or feel different. When you know your body, you can more easily notice if something is wrong.

Taking care of your lifestyle and regularly checking your breasts, especially if there is a history of breast cancer in your family, can help you prevent cancer, or treated it much easier in its early stages.

Final word

With the good doctor and technology today, the number of successful treatments is rising. Also, breast reconstruction surgery will restore your feminine look, which is quite important for every woman.

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