Dr. Curtis Cripe Delves In On Space and Martian Travel
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Dr. Curtis Cripe Delves In On Space and Martian Travel


Sending a human to Mars has been regarded to be one of the key subjects of scientific research since several decades now.  Right from scientific proposals pertaining to aerospace engineering, to even popular science fictions of the 19th century has been dealing with the aspect of human mission to Mars. Over the years, a plethora of plans and proposals have been made by the greatest minds belonging to the world of science, including Dr. Curtis Cripe. A number of plans about making use of the moons of Mars, Deimos and Phobos have also been formulated over the years.

Dr. Curtis Cripe underlines the key aspects relating to Martian travel

Many thousands of reputed and experienced scientists and researchers of the planet have been consistently working on studies and researches pertaining to the elements of deep space and mars travel for several decades. Dr. Curtis Cripe is one of those scientific minds.  He is especially renowned to have conducted a remarkable experiment dealing with Lunar/Maritain deep space in order to conduct a long duration travel.

Dr. Curtis Cripe, as well ashis highly talented and experienced team has collected valuable data during an experiment that was conducted inside the Martian Analog Habitat Simulator. This experiment involved multiple Mission V crew members and tool place in the state of North Dakota. This prominent experiment made use of the proprietary program belonging to the NTL Group, and subsequently is referred to as NeuroCodex. The observations made in this experiment, coupled with the knowledge of Cripe and his team members is now being used for a feasibility study that is conducted on the  electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring present featured inside the long-duration space travel simulators that can be found within the Martian Habitat Simulator.  The important data collected by Dr. Curtis Cripe, as well as his successful mission, ideally played a major role in the acceptance of his poster in the prestigious ISSR&D Conference

The valuable and wide ranging insights acquired by Curtis Cripe relating to the sphere of Maritain deep space travel subsequently made him the perfect candidate to shed some light on the matters relating to exploration of Mars. He goes on to talk about how the mission of spending human to the planet of Mars have been one of the primary objectives of various national space programs for several years now.  There are been multiple plans relating to Martian travel have been made over the years. These proposals ranged from extremes like permanent colonization of Mars, to distinct from scientific expeditions where small groups of people would be visiting this planet. Dr. Curtis Cripe is one among many working towards making the dream of having a human land on mars possible.  He essentially has researched on this topic for a long period of time, and even has conducted successful experiments relating to it.  One of his prestigious research projects even had been scheduled for demonstration in a Martian Analog Ground Simulator. With his researches, Cripe strives to have a hand in the completion of the ambitious objective of the human mission to mars.

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