Homemade methods for treating shingles
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Homemade methods for treating shingles


Shingles is a viral infection that is caused by a virus that is also responsible for causing chickenpox. If you had chickenpox in the past, the shingles lie inactive within your body.

The virus can become aggressive in later life and can bring a shingles rash. The shingles rash can take place on any part of your body but usually just impacts the small areas.

Pain is generally the initial sign of shingles. The fluid-filled blister and rash grow in one or two days following the arrival of pain. Also, some individuals suffering from shingles have a fever, fatigue, and sensitivity to light. There are many natural homemade remedies for shingles treatment Davie, let us look at some of these.

Home remedies for shingles

Here are a few shingles home remedies:

1.Baking soda and corn-starch paste

Prepare a paste with baking soda, corn-starch, and water to relieve itching caused by shingles. Put a couple of parts of baking soda or corn-starch in a mug. Add one part of water to obtain the needed smoothness for the paste. Use the paste on your shingles rash, and wash it after 10-15 minutes. Do this many times a day as required.

2.Healing baths

Everyday cleaning of the blisters lowers the possibility of increasing the infection. Take a cold water bath or shower to calm your skin. The coldness of water can relieve pain caused by blisters and calm irritation. Further, you can have healing for lowering signs. Put a couple of cups of corn-starch or colloidal oatmeal into the warm bath water and soak for 15-20 minutes. Avoid hot water as it can aggravate blisters because heat raises blood flow.

Let your body dry fully, and after that, wash your towel to prevent the virus from spreading.

3.Gentle creams and lotions

Scratching shingles rash can result in scarring. If pain and discomfort do not improve with a bath, or a baking soda/corn-starch paste, use gentle creams and lotions.

Creams and lotions do not accelerate the healing process. However, they can augment your degree of comfort. Try not to use scented lotions as they can cause more irritation.

Use creams and lotions carefully. Applying too much can keep blisters from drying out and elongate the healing process.

4.Diet alterations

You must eat foods highly rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-12, and vitamin E, and the amino acid lysine. Also get detailed information about the causes of shingles!

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