How to lose weight with lemon and honey

How to lose weight with lemon and honey

When you need to “urgently lose weight” before an important event or event, most women show a truly iron will. Starvation is one of such “feats” in the name of harmony, and a diet with lemon and honey, which we will discuss about some of its features, does not differ too much from it.

Fortunately, both lemon and honey have long been known to people as useful and very healing products: even serious diseases can be cured with them, but now we are talking about losing weight. And before using a diet with lemon and honey, it is worth remembering what the benefits of these products are, and how to prepare a weight loss product correctly.

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Briefly about the properties of honey and lemon

The properties of natural honey is difficult to overestimate. Here we will not talk in detail about its healing effects and rich composition, but remember that it does not contain refined sugar, as in other non-natural sweets, but there are many vitamins, minerals, amino acids – this is very important for unloading diets.

You should not buy honey in the store – there it is often sold in pasteurized form, and will bring little benefit. The production of honey, put “on stream”, often involves feeding the bees a large amount of sugar – because it is faster, so it is better to buy honey at the market or from a friend beekeeper. In such honey, substances “contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body and the destruction of fat“ “survive”; natural honey stimulates the secretion of bile, improves the functioning of the entire digestive tract; helps the body actively spend energy, and not store fats “for a rainy day”; relieves depression ; improves metabolism and has a mild laxative effect.

How to lose weight with lemon and honey

Lemon is also a powerful cleansing product and improves the digestive tract; it helps the production of gastric juice; reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol; Helps cells absorb minerals that break down fat. possessing an alkalizing effect and improving the functioning of the kidneys, removes accumulated salts; supplies the body with the most important vitamin – ascorbic acid, etc. In combination with each other, lemon and honey can work real miracles, but they must be used wisely – for a diet as well.

To prepare a mixture for weight loss, you need to take 0.5 kg of fresh lemons and 250 g of honey. Lemons need to be washed, finely chopped and pour them with honey. After a few hours, juice will stand out – take the mixture of juice with honey on an empty stomach daily, 1 tbsp. 20 minutes before breakfast.

However, a drink with lemon juice and honey gained great popularity. To get it, you just need to dilute the mixture of finely chopped lemons and honey with a little warm water, and then drain the liquid and drink it. This drink has become the basis of a tough, but healthy diet.

Lemon-honey drink: how to lose weight with lemon and honey

Often you can find another recipe: the juice of 15 lemons (can be pulp) is proposed to be mixed with ordinary clean water (3 l) and only 50 grams of honey, and drink this drink all day instead of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner – altogether up to 6 times in a day. Besides him, only clean drinking water and green tea are allowed. The conditions are harsh, so such a diet is designed for only 2 days, but some “withstand” 3 days, but it is recommended to try to spend one fasting day at first – for many this does not work out.

The result of a 2-day diet can be to get rid of 4 kg of excess weight, and especially persistent individuals bring its duration to 7 days: it’s better not to try to do this, except in a hospital. But to spend 4 days in this mode is quite possible – of course, with acceptable health, a healthy stomach, kidneys and bladder. By the way, it’s better to do this on vacation or on the weekend: most people on such a diet feel weak, weak, and often go to the toilet “for little” – under the influence of the honey-lemon mixture, the body begins to behave quite differently from normal.

If you comply with the measure, and calmly carry out a diet for 2 days, the drink will be able to show its healing properties in full. The general condition of the gastrointestinal tract and liver will improve, a lot of toxins will be eliminated from the body, the metabolism will accelerate, the blood sugar level will approach normal, the lymph flow will clear; After a diet, gastric juice will be secreted faster, and food will be better digested and absorbed. Even after a 2-day lemon-honey diet, fecal “deposits” and even stones that have been accumulating in the intestines for years are often removed: here you need to be careful, and if necessary use an additional mild laxative or enema.

The lemon and honey diet also has other valuable “side effects.” Immunity is strengthened, the frequency of respiratory tract diseases is reduced; brain and heart function improves; become stronger bones; blood vessels and blood are cleansed; in hypertensive patients, pressure normalizes; joint inflammation is removed; wrinkles are reduced, acne and skin inflammation disappear, etc.

The rules of the diet with lemon and honey

A diet will be more effective if you follow a few simple and easy to follow rules.

  • It is necessary to take clean water: spring water is the best option, but if it is not there, buy the highest quality in the store – you should not regret it.
  • Do not dilute the honey-lemon mixture with too hot or cold water – its temperature should not exceed 40 ° C. Otherwise, hot water can burn the mucous membranes and negate the properties of vitamins and minerals of the mixture; cold water also irritates the stomach.
  • It is better to drink the drink right away, in one gulp, and do a few squats or other light exercises so that the liquid gets into the intestines faster.

How to “enter and exit”

A diet with lemon and honey should begin after a sparing fasting day . On the day preceding the diet, you need to eat oatmeal soaked in kefir – every 3 hours, and drink low-fat kefir or tea from herbs. The same is recommended to be done the day after the end of the diet.

The transition to a balanced diet after such a diet will be very easy: the body will not be up to sweets or smoked meats – it will be “happy” that you can again eat delicious foods and dishes from them. This is natural meat and fish, fresh dairy products, butter, vegetables and fruits, eggs, cheese and much more: it is not difficult to find a list of products that should be present in a balanced diet.

Diet contraindications with honey and lemon

So, to continue the described diet for more than 2 days is not recommended, but if everything goes well, it can be repeated every month: this will gradually reduce weight and significantly improve health. If you use a drink with lemon and honey for one fasting day, you can repeat it every week. It is better to drink the drink through a straw, like cocktails, to protect tooth enamel from acid.

You cannot choose a diet with lemon and honey for allergies, increased acidity of the stomach, acute pancreatitis, inflammation of the intestines, kidney diseases, as well as those who suffer from heartburn. In fact, the list of contraindications can be much longer, so consultation with a specialist or attending physician is very desirable.

If you are planning to start a keto diet sooner or later then do not go for this diet. As honey is not keto friendly.

I hope this lemon and honey diet will help you in your weight loss journey.

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