LASIK And Epi-LASIK -Which One More Suited For Me?

LASIK And Epi-LASIK -Which One More Suited For Me?

LASIK and epi-LASIK are great options to consider when it comes to laser vision correction surgeries. As you can see the from the name itself, it’s true that the two procedures have a number of similarities. But despite their similarities, they are still different in some ways. These differences are important to know and understand when you are considering which laser vision correction surgery is the most suitable for you.

Prescription Level

Epi-LASIK surgery has a bigger range of eye prescriptions that it can help correct as epi-LASIK is a surface based laser vision correction surgery that does not require the creation of cornea flap, therefore your cornea thickness can be better utilized to correct your degree. LASIK is more limited, due to it needing a corneal flap. Both can help you with your farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.

Cornea shape

In the recent years, when people talk about vision correction surgery, we automatically think of LASIK surgery. This is because LASIK is popular and it has a high success rate. But not everyone are candidates that turn out to be ineligible to get a LASIK. This could be because of their cornea shape. Some people’s cornea has an odd shape, or rather it is too thin. If you have a thin corneasyou are probably not a good LASIK candidate. You don’t have to be sad because this doesn’t mean you have no other options. If you have thin corneas, Epi-LASIK might still give you a second chance in laser vision correction as it doesn’t require corneal flap.


Your job, your day-to-day activities, your exercise — these are all important aspects to think about when choosing between LASIK and Epi-LASIK. If you consider yourself an active person, Epi-LASIK would be much better than LASIK. Epi-LASIK is a safer alternative as it doesn’t have any risk of flap related complications that LASIK has. Therefore, you do not need to worry of the risk of flap related complications such as flap dislodgements or flap wrinkles with epi-LASIK.

How long can you take a break from work?

This might sound silly, but it’s true. This is actually an important consideration when choosing which type of laser vision correction. LASIK recovery is faster compared to epi-LASIK. With LASIK, you can see clearly after 2-3 days of rest. But for epi-LASIK, you will need to wait about 1 week to have functional vision, you might not see clearly, but good enough for you to return to work. For full vision recover, epi-LASIK patients might need to wait up to 2-3 months.


How much you need to pay can be a make-or-break for some of you. Getting an Epi-LASIK in Singapore will cost around $4000 to $5000; while getting a LASIK in Singapore will cost around $4000. It’s unlikely that you can use your insurance for this, so you will need to consider your budget. Remember that you can always go around and find out the packages that various clinics are offering. Some of the LASIK clinics in Singapore also offers a 6 or 12 months interest free installment plan to help you with your bill!

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