Oral health and diseases can significantly impact people’s quality of life. Fundamental human needs, including proper nutrition, being able to eat, drink, swallow, smile, and communicate, are in one way or another related to oral health. Besides, oral health not only impacts the quality of life, but bad teeth and oral diseases can also impact one’s confidence and performance in school or work.

Are people informed of oral hygiene?

Oral health is critical throughout one’s life. Unfortunately, many people suffer oral diseases like cavities, decayed teeth, and stained and bad teeth because of a lack of awareness and access to dental care. In many regions, many people do not know how to brush and floss properly, let alone see the importance of good oral hygiene practices. 

They don’t adhere to the basics of brushing twice a day hence the prevalence of dental cavities. Furthermore, they don’t know that good oral hygiene translates to good overall health and are unaware of cures available for different dental problems. 

The lack of awareness about oral hygiene, illiteracy, and lack of access to high-quality dentistry are some reasons for neglected oral health. Another notable reason is that dentistry is expensive for some people due to the capitalist dental model.

Dentistry may be costly for some.

Many people do not have oral health insurance, and nearly half of all dental costs are settled out of pocket. Although most insurance policies cover routine cleaning, they leave the patient to pay 20-50% of dental implants, fillings, crowns, and other dental procedures. The price of dental implants in a prosperous town like Sunbury is relatively affordable, but those who cannot afford them have to delay the treatment, and teeth continue to worsen.

However, the cost of dental treatments is not only a barrier to good oral health. Many dentists leave government-sponsored dental clinics because of low payouts. Therefore most regions, especially the rural areas, face dentist shortages. Many people have argued that it is not sugary foods or meth that destroy their teeth but lack of knowledge, good nutrition, and quality dental care.

The result of a capitalist dental model is people having poor teeth in a rich country, and the underprivileged are blamed for their bad teeth. Good oral hygiene should be perceived as a fundamental human right because it is inseparable from general health and wellbeing. By taking a holistic approach to health, a government can share the risk factors of systemic and oral diseases, hence improving oral health among populations.

Why is dentistry expensive?

Thanks to modern dentistry techniques and technologies, today’s dentistry looks very different from years ago. That makes it possible for dentists to offer a wide range of dental procedures that help people achieve maximum oral health. This is important for people to experience good oral healthcare.

High-quality dental care that lasts and is aesthetically beautiful cannot ne rushed. Furthermore, there is more competition in modern dentistry, and the necessary costs of marketing are additional expenses. Luckily for a dentist, a professional reputation involves managing your ethics online, which is easier in the internet world.

Summing up

When oral health is seen as a fundamental human right, people prioritize it, resulting in a healthy country.

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