TCA Chemical Peel Chicago – How Does This Popular Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Work?

TCA Chemical Peel Chicago – How Does This Popular Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Work?


Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a chemical solution that dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons use to treat patients with various skin conditions. These include superficial ultraviolet ray damage, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin texture, acne, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and apparent acne scarring. The chemical solution causes the epidermis to separate from the lower skin layers and starts to peel off. This allows the skin layer just beneath the epidermis to re-generate and re-surface as fresh and clear skin.

TCA Chemical Peel is a non-invasive and popular skin rejuvenation treatment you can avail of to restore your natural youthful appearance. However, you first need to know how the procedure works. The TCA chemical peel works on the upper layer of your skin known as the epidermis from your face, neck region, hands, and various regions of your body. The acid further chemically exfoliates your skin by disintegrating a protein known as the keratin in this organ. This considerably minimizes the appearance of fine lines, melasma, acne scars, ultraviolet ray damage, and hyperpigmentation.

How to prepare?

To undergo this treatment, you first need to look online to search for the best clinics for TCA Chemical Peel Chicago. You will have to assess the market reputation of these clinics by going through the customer reviews on their websites. Then, you can shortlist clinics that meet your specific requirements and budget. You need to fix an appointment to see one of the clinic’s cosmetic surgeons. This medical specialist will examine your skin and prescribe you a cleanser on the day of the consultation. 

Before the treatment

You need to apply this cleanser to your skin every day for at least four weeks before the day of the procedure. This ensures the ingredients of the TCA chemical peel are able to penetrate deep into the lower layers of your skin. Apart from this rule, there are no further pre-operation instructions to follow, unlike other skin rejuvenation treatments.

On the day of the treatment, a nurse will accompany you to the room where the cosmetic surgeon will perform the procedure. She will then ask you to lie on the operating table and administer a sedative. The surgeon will then arrive to apply the TCA chemical peel on your skin. You might feel a stinging pain during this phase as trichloroacetic acid exfoliates your skin and clears the epidermis. However, this discomfort soon subsides towards the end of the procedure after 30 minutes.

After the procedure, the most common side-effect you might notice is that your skin becomes red. However, your skin will return to its normal color after seven days. In rare cases, patients suffer from a bacterial infection, viral condition, or organ damage from chemical exposure.

Visiting the best clinics for TCA Chemical Peel Chicago is the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin. However, you need to ensure the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon conducting the procedure has adequate experience. This medical specialist should also have a valid license and relevant board certification. Above all, he/she should have an impressive record of successfully conducting these treatments.

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