Things to Know Before Opting For Orbera Balloon Surgery

Things to Know Before Opting For Orbera Balloon Surgery


Orbera Gastric Balloon is a weight loss procedure that does not involve surgery. It is a non-permanent weight loss solution that helps you lose weight without leaving any scars, which is otherwise common with surgery. The Orbera balloon is inserted in the stomach to curb the food intake capacity, promoting weight loss. Patients with obesity who do not want to undergo surgery to lose weight may consider this option. To know more about Orbera Balloon surgery, read on as we discuss things you must know before opting for the procedure. 

How it works

To place the Orbera Balloon, the patient is first put under anesthesia and then the doctor leads a thin, soft balloon through the patient’s throat into the stomach. The gastric balloon is infused with a saline solution to enlarge it to the size of a grapefruit. The process usually takes 20 to 30 minutes, and patients can go home the same day. 

The gastric balloon fills less than half of the stomach, which slows the passage of food and liquids. It makes you feel full sooner and trains your body to be content with small food portions. When the Orbera balloon is in place, close consultations with a dietician and doctor is a must to ensure a proper diet and exercise plan. A food diary must be maintained to track progress regarding weight loss and avoiding minerals and vitamin deficiencies. After six months, the balloon is drained and removed from the stomach. Post-removal, close guidance, and behavioral training are provided for approximately six months to assist you adopt the lifestyle changes that are necessary to maintain the weight loss. 


The Orbera gastric balloon procedure is suitable for people over age  22 with a BMI of 30 – 40 kg per meter-square. The person should not have undergone bariatric surgery before and should not have any health issues related to the stomach. They should have tried diet and exercise before considering this option. Pregnant and breastfeeding women or women who are planning to get pregnant within six months are not suitable candidates for the weight loss treatment. Likewise, people with complicated medical conditions such as stomach ulcers and severe hernias are not-suitable. The aforementioned conditions are indicative and not exhaustive, which is why you should consult a bariatric surgeon to ascertain your suitability for the procedure.


Orbera Gastric balloon is not a surgery, so it does not require incisions, which means no scarring and permanent body changes. It is a short-term weight loss system, as the balloon remains inside the stomach for only six months. This procedure has significantly lower risks and side effects compared with other weight loss procedures. Orbera gastric balloon assists in improving obesity-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and joint problems. If you are eligible and want to reduce weight, the Orbera balloon system is a safe and effective weight-loss procedure.

Possible Issues

Although Orbera gastric balloon is a non-surgical process, there are still chances of certain complications such as stomach discomfort, acid reflux, belly or back pain, nausea and vomiting, low weight loss, digestion issues, blockage of food entering the stomach and infection. You must consider all the possible side effects and discuss with your bariatric surgeon before choosing the Orbera gastric balloon option for weight loss.

What to Expect

Orbera Gastric balloon treatment does not involve surgery, so you will be allowed to go home a couple of hours after the insertion of the balloon. Patients may experience some discomfort such as sore throat, nausea, and pain in the initial few days and can use over-the-counter medications to manage the pain. For a few weeks, you will not feel hungry, which will lead to rapid weight loss. After that, the rate of weight loss will become comparatively slow. Patients stand to lose 10 to 15 percent of their body weight with the balloon inside the stomach. Post removal of the Orbera balloon, your diet and exercise plan will determine whether you can maintain the body weight. When the balloon is in place, you must consult your dietician monthly, as they will assist you to stay on track. Exercise is required to help reduce weight effectively. It is advisable to start with light activities, and once you feel better you must engage in 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises such as biking and walking on a daily basis. After the removal of the balloon, you may need to increase the intensity of exercise to maintain the weight.   

Final Word

If you are battling morbid obesity, and have tried and failed to reduce weight through diet and exercise, non-surgical solutions such as Orbera Balloon can be the way to go. It is a simple yet effective weight loss treatment that will enable you to live a healthy life. Schedule a consultation with a reputable bariatric surgeon or a clinic near you to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for the Orbera Gastric procedure. You can easily find the best bariatric clinics offering Orbera Gastric Balloon solutions in and around Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

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