What diet to follow during post upper endoscopy?

What diet to follow during post upper endoscopy?

The medical experts suggest upper endoscopy to patients facing issues with their stomach, oesophagus, and duodenum. It is a procedure that can treat the problems affecting the upper section of the digestive tract.

What happens in the upper endoscopy?

Specialized surgeons perform upper endoscopy in Baltimore with the help of a device called an endoscope. This device is inserted inside the mouth, passing it through the joining point of your stomach and small intestine. Sedatives are also employed to make the process easier for the patients. The patients after the upper endoscopy are required to spend some time in a recovery area. Once the sedative or drug effects worn out, the patients are discharged from the medical facility. The process only takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

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What can I eat after endoscopy?

The doctors often recommend the patients stay on an empty stomach on the day of the procedure. It means that you will be feeling hungrier after upper endoscopy in Baltimore. But you should not visit a cafe or restaurant and grab a meal without knowing what all ingredients are used for making it. Make sure that you eat foods that are light and easy to digest after the upper endoscopy. If you eat something tough to digest, then there can be chances of complications.

You must start your day with a light breakfast. Adding juice, broth, or water to the breakfast can bring many benefits for you in the post upper endoscopy. Take the doctor’s advice to be sure that whether it is good to have juice or not. After a while, you can consume your regular diet only if the doctor has permitted you. Many patients can eat right after the procedure without any issues. For 1 or 2 days, you might have a sore throat.

What to eat after upper endoscopy depends on your revival pace and appetite. You might be feeling nauseous and bloating after coming back home. It is necessary to eat something that you can swallow comfortably. In case you experience any complexities after the procedure, give a call to the surgeon. Some of these complexities can be abdomen pain, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, etc.

Plan a follow-up visit if you are confused about what foods to eat after endoscopy.

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